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″I wish Central Bank would be robbed,″George Pickens said to himself. He had been making this wish daily from the time he had started work as a teller at the bank. All over the country banks were being robbed, George thought so...

In 1999 the old man ____ a three-year sentence for bank robbery in Florida.答案是B 首先,在1999表示的是过去时,全部符合 第二,这里表达的意思是: 这个老人在1999年因在弗罗里达抢劫银行,被判3年刑。 serve 动词, service名词 这里用s...


a 158 year-old investment bank 同位语 雷曼兄弟 一家158年的投资机构 想从它的债权人处寻求合法保护

25 years

perhaps.Angel转眼岁的时候我们的银行?..e ...请问,这是什麽东西?


小题1:Way后加to 小题2: deep 改成 deeply小题3:去掉the小题4:while改成when小题5:her改成him 小题6:all改every或 directions小题7:rush改成rushed 小题8:here改成there小题9:know改成knowing小题10:missed改成missing 试题分析:小题1:Way后加...

小题1:C小题1:D小题1:D小题1:C小题1:C 小题1:C: went to the shop去商店,应该是buy something买东西。小题2:D:第二段第一句,告诉我们老人下车进了银行。小题3:D: She looked into the car. The keys were in the lock.告诉我们老人看到了钥匙...


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