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in表示比例,因此one in ten就是十分之一 out of表示从…中, one out of ten就是 十个中有一个 one in ten和 one out of ten是一个意思。只是一个ratio而已。说10%也可以。 比如说one in ten times 或者one out of ten times或者ten percent of t...

one in five意思是五分之一 例句:The condition affects one in five women. 每五个妇女就有一个人患有这种玻 one out of five 意思是五个一 例句:Studies show that one out of five Americans working near a color copier will casually tr...

best one out there的中文翻译 best one out there 最好的一个 双语例句 1 This it the best lead we have, 'he told his team at one meeting.' We've got to find out what the hell is in that compound. 'On April 19, Mr. Panetta told the...

weka严格的说并没有专门的设置 Leave one out的验证方法,但是有K-折交叉验证。 但是你可以想想K-折交叉验证:把数据集分成K份,然后K-1份训练,1份验证。 如果你设置K为全部的样本数,那就相当于每份只有一个,间接的实现了Leave one out的验证.

要看上下文 一个出来了 一个淘汰了 都有可能


leave one out_百度翻译 leave one out 网络 留一法; [例句]The experiment by using leave one out cross validation on two leukemia subtypes achieved good results. 3. 对白血病的两个亚型采用留一法进行试验,取得了良好的效果。

当one in…或one out of…用作主语时,其后谓语动词通常用单数,因为真正用作主语的是one。 如: 1、Only one in ten students has passed the examination. 只有十分之一的学生通过了考试。 2、One out of twelve bottles was broken. 每12个瓶子...

one out of three 三个中的其中一个 例句:I'm the one out of three children in our family. 我是我们家里三个小孩中的其中一个。



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