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There is no difference, both have exact same meaning, both are slang for urine/urinate. Both can be used as a noun (urine) or as a verb (urinate). The only slight difference is that 'pee' is slightly more polite than 'piss'.

pee是小孩子说的 piss是俚语,市井说的 有文化一点人说urinate,或者go to the bathroom什么的

piss sb. off 有时被视为粗俗语,是“使发怒、激怒、使生气、使厌烦”(To annoy, anger)的意思. 例如: - What really pisses me off about my job is that I have to get up at six o'clock. - I 'll warn you guys right now. This game is rea...

piss sb off 惹某人生气。其被动时态在口语中常用,be pissed off ,表示“发怒了”、“发火了”。 如: Don't make noise when he is reading.It will piss him off . 别在他看书的时候吵闹,那会惹火他的。 He was pissed off . 他发火了。

就是“小便”的意思。 其实你要是 gentle 一点,可以说“I want to go to restroom”。


piss [pis] 是指:名词n. 尿,小便; 动词v. 撒尿。 1. Stop pissing about and get on with your work. 别再胡闹了, 干你的事去吧. 2. Practice English when you piss. 上小号,练英语。 3. Tavo: Because we piss in it! 因为我们在里边撒尿!...


piss off的意思是“滚开,滚蛋”的意思,实际上此词是表示“生气,不高兴”的意思,与angry同意。 例子:Man,is that guy pissed of ?(哎呀,那家伙真的生气了) freak out的意思是大发脾气 freak: n.怪诞的思想、行动或事件, 畸形人, 畸形的动物...

n.小便, 尿 vi.撒尿, 倾盆而下 vt.撒尿弄脏


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