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Heart Attack (Mike D Mixshow Remix) - Demi Lovato Never put my love out on the line Never said yes to the right guy Never had trouble getting what I want But when it comes to you, I'm never good enough When I don't care I can...

“I really put my body on the line for this movie!” - Justin Timberlake talking about baring his butt for his new movie Friends with Benefits. (Us Weekly) “我确实在这部电影中进行了大胆尝试1 - 贾斯亭汀布莱克 (Justin Timberlake) ...

put one's neck on the line 冒极大的风险 Fig. to put oneself at great risk. I put my neck on the line and recommended you for the job, and now look what you've done! I'm ruined!

put the legacy on the line 把遗产放在线上 语法点是put作为动词使用 put /put/ 一词同学们早就相识,都知它是动词,但对其用法却举棋不定,若同学们查阅了put的档案袋,相信你就"放"心地使用它了。请看-- [一号档案] put的基本意思是"放、摆"。常...

rob bailey and the hustle standard - Hold Strong


tested the vacuum→测试了密闭性(补充:密闭性不好会漏水) the boy put on his goggles, fitted them tight, tested the vacuum →男孩戴上他的护目镜,紧紧地装好它们,测试了密闭性

heart attack demi lovato

Artist:elvis presley Songs Title:put the blame on me If they say we were doin wrong If they say we were out too long Well, you can say My arms were just too strong Put the blame, put the blame on me Felt so good when I held y...

你的翻译基本正确。 或者意译一点:生命宝贵,请勿玩火。 希望您能采纳,谢谢~


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