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on a regular basis 英[ɔn ə ˈreɡjulə ˈbeisis] 美[ɑn e ˈrɛɡjəlɚ ˈbesɪs] 经常;例行的;有规律的 Create a customer database and contact them on a regular basis. 建立一个客户数据...

on a regular basis 经常地 这句话翻译:this equipment is repaired on a regular basis.

两个意思都差不多,regularly一般用在非正式场合,特别是口语,而on a regular basis用在正式场合比较多,比如我们公司对某个问题的分析就用on a regular basis,而不用regularly


on a regular basis 以定期的方式 The supplier supplies the goods to the shop on a regular basis. 那厂商定期向该商店供应货品。

Are Dell personnel on site permanently or on a regular basis at your employer’s facilities?怎么翻译 zhangyuatwin 推荐于2017-07-23 16:35:02 最佳答案 ...

I'm saving money on a regular basis. 我攒钱。 on a voluntary/part-time/temporary etc basis: a system or agreement by which someone or something is voluntary etc: 在自愿基础上/非全日制/临时等系统或协议:由某人或某事是自愿等等。 N...

that it is to say 解释说明的功能,意思是:即 也可以填that means 意思是:也就是说

magazine .nA periodical containing a collection of articles, stories, pictures, or other features.杂志:一种载有专论、小说、图片或其他内容的期刊。journal .n A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on...

basis是名词,固定搭配,on basis,是基础上的意思。还有base是动词,后面be based on,表示以什么为基矗


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