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sEE A DoCtor和 look A DoCtor有什么区别

see a doctor看医生; 就诊的意思,没有look a doctor用法。 see a doctor看医生; 就诊 [siː][ə]['dɒktə] 短语 go to see a doctor 去看医生 please see a doctor 请向医生咨询 例句 I don't like the sound of that cough...

没有look a doctor这种说法。 see a doctor是去看病的意思。如果想表达看着医生,要说look at the doctor

这里应该是有上下文的吧! 根据文章判断是过去时的话就用did。 did和does只是时态有差别。

Have 一般完成时

选b saw是过去时 seeing是现在进行时 没有better to 这个搭配

On the morning of this Saturday, I had a bad cold. I had to go to see a doctor in hospital . The doctor looked me over and told me there was nothing serious. He suggested that I had better stay in bed and drink more water.

A well 形容词, 气色好的,健康的 【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

C 根据后文的内容You’d better go to see the doctor.故选well,表示身体好的意思,故选C


look at that doctor 看那个医生 doctor 英[ˈdɒktə(r)] 美[ˈdɑ:ktə(r)] n. 博士; 医生,大夫; 神学家; 医疗设备; vt. 医疗,行医; vt. 修理,装配; 假造; 搀杂; 修改,修饰;


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