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这两者的区别如下: see a doctor ——是指去看医生这件事; see the doctor——是指去看某个特指的医生

see a doctor看医生; 就诊的意思,没有look a doctor用法。 see a doctor看医生; 就诊 [siː][ə]['dɒktə] 短语 go to see a doctor 去看医生 please see a doctor 请向医生咨询 例句 I don't like the sound of that cough...

D 试题分析:考查主语从句:句意:你应该做的是立刻看医生。Is前面是主语从句,缺少宾语,用what引导主语从句,how怎么(表示方式,不能做宾语),that引导主语从句的时候,不做成分,which哪个(不符合句意),选D。

it was terribly hot on the ground

see a doctor 英[si: ə ˈdɔktə] 美[si e ˈdɑktɚ] v. 看医生;瞧病 [例句]Too macho or scared to see a doctor? 太男子气或害怕去看医生?

小题1:In a post office.小题1:He looked him over carelessly.小题1:To do more exercise.小题1:Yes,he did.小题1:He is not a good doctor. 小题1:此题通过倒数第二段中“I’m a postman,”可知史密斯现在在邮局工作,因此答案为In a pos...

看看前后句情再决定要用“a”还是用“the”。 “see a doctor”是很普通的“看医生”,也就是我们去看病时常说的“我病了,要去医院看医生”; “see the doctor”是特指看哪个医生,也就是你和他已经约好了的。一般你说“see the doctor”后朋友都会说句“whic...


see doctor是拜访某个特指的医生的意思, see a doctor是指看玻

see a doctor As is known to all that the quality ol our life is getting better and better and we take more care about our healthy.So it can be accepted that people spend much more money than before on the treatment. Lately,we h...


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