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歌曲名:Stronger Than You Think 歌手:Fireflight 专辑:Now Fireflight - Stronger Than You Think I know your intentions I've seen the way you work You love destruction You love pouring on the hurt I used to chase you But now I hate...

Jade Valerie的Like A Bird 以下是歌词 I’m an addict and an angel, and I know that I am heaven expelled Don’t need preacher or a teacher telling me about hell Narcissistic and I‘m twisted but I’ve got secrets to tell Let me add I...


Stronger Kelly Clarkson You know the bed feels warmer, 也许床上会感觉温暖一点 Sleeping here alone, 我独自躺在这里 You know I dream in color, 你知道我怀着美好的梦想 And do the things I want. 做着自己想做的事情。 You think you g...

youarestronger.than.youthink 你比你所想象中的更坚强

i am stronger than you 我比你强壮 我比你强


stronger than you四人对唱(sans chara betty frisk)版本 链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1i6dYLsp 密码: y38b

Molly is stronger than you。茉莉比你强壮 疑问句:Is Molly stronger than you ?

歌曲名:Stronger Than Me 歌手:Amy Winehouse 专辑:Frank (Rarities Edition) Stronger Than Me Amy Winehouse You should be stronger than me You been here 7 years longer than me Don't you know you supposed to be the man, Not pal in c...


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