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turn lEFt()thE EnD,中间用什么介词

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . turn left(at)the end 在终点左拐

为你解答。 1、Walk (along) Green Road.Turn left (at) the first crossing.Then walk(into) Park street. 2、This is a visit (to)Ocean World. It is (on) Sunday. There are many sea animals (in) Ocean World. Alice is afrai...

名词前可以是介词也可以是be动词,也可以是动词。比如 in front of the car he is Chinese reach home

介词by可以用来表示方位、时间、手段等,其用法在高考中曾多次出现。 一、by+地点名词。表方位,意为:“在…旁边”。如:by the lake/river/tree/window/door等。 She searched the top of the hill and stopped to rest on a big rock by the side...


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