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turn onE's hAnD 后加什么介词



turn on 打开 turn off 关掉

1. turn to doing sth 开始从事/致力于... 如: The farmers here turned to keeping cattle from 2012. 2. turn to sb/sth 求助于,转向 如:He turned to me for help. Please turn to Page 911.

一、turn against 背叛 反对 变成和…敌对 例句:After the divorce he tried to turn the children against their mother. 他离婚後竭力教唆子女对抗他们的母亲。 二、turn away 解雇 走开 避开 例句:Turning refugees away would be an inhuma...


有很多,turn to(sb for help)求助于或turn to page 12,翻到第几页,to是介词。turn into进入,翻译为……的意思。

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . turn left(at)the end 在终点左拐

可以,不过如果在后面加介词of,动词 turn 必须带宾语,意思是“把某人赶出去”或“把某物清除出去”。例如: How could the old man turn his own son out of the house? 那个老人怎么会把亲生儿子逐出家门呢? He was turned out of his room. 他被...

看句子 to 做介词还是不定式 完全取决于它后面的成分 1. I turned to him for help. 2. It's my turn to play. 问的是turn to作为一个词组,表“变成”时 to的词性 # 这时to 一定是介词 另外,你给的例子有点小问题,能不能用汉语解释一下


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