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whAt Colour ArE thE pEns?怎样回答?

The pens are blue/yellow/red/black... or They are blue/yellow/red/black... 欢迎采纳~

pens是复数,应该用are。 what color are the pens?

回答表示颜色的单词,如果你没有钢笔的话,就回答 I have no pens.

B 本题回答语表示的是颜色,对此提问用what color,故本题选B。

你好, what +colour+be+你所要问颜色的名词 What+be+the+color+of+ 你所要问颜色的名词 比如说 what colour is the apple? What is the colour of the apple? 这个苹果是什么颜色的? 所以你的是正确的 希望能采纳,谢谢

有 what、why、where、how、who、whose、which、when 这八个疑问词 八个疑问词造句如下 What are you doing? What's this in English? Why were ...

1.Those are his shoes. These are . (I)2.What colour is your English (teacher) book.3.There (be) a box and two pens on the desk.4. Are ...

there be 有,侧重于存在,比如说房间里有只猫,意思是有只猫存在于房间中,用there is a cat in the room. have 有,侧重于拥有,某人或某物拥有,比如我有一只猫,I have a cat.

不可以,省略句。 原句应该为:What is Important when (you are) decorating a new office?

加-s, 如:girl-girls, book-books, pen-pens...现阶段be动词形式有: am, is, are, were, was,...What colour…?What class…? What grade…?What ...


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