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work hArD BE niCE

……work hard and be nice to people. ……努力工作,对别人友好。

work hard be nice 努力工作是好的 work hard be nice 努力工作是好的

我们都努力工作 会度过一个美好的周末。

好人最后总是输给蠢人。 据维基百科全书: nice guys finish last的意思:its meaning is self-explanatory; its about how the hard-working, sympathetic people will lose out in the end to the jerks 来自网络

And it is Teachers’ day.After breakfast I went...And I drew a nice picture on the card , too...Iwrote“HappyTeachers’day!Thankyouforyourhardwork...

be careful in giving alcoholic drinks as a gift.a bottle of wine is usually all right if you know your host drinks wine,but hard liquor can be given as a gift only when you know the host well and are certain that he would Welco...

You are nice. (通顺,所以应用of)。 He is hard. (人是困难的,不通,因此应用for。) 5 不定式作表语 不定式可放在be动词后面,形成表语。例如: My work...


My family I have a happy family .It is warm and nice. There are ...work very hard.I'm a student .I study very hard.I love my family ,I...

不是非限定性定语从句了。 非限定性定语从句最简单了,结构通常是“,+which” all 后面必须用that 引导从句,王八的屁股--规定


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