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work hard be nice 努力工作是好的 work hard be nice 努力工作是好的

……work hard and be nice to people. ……努力工作,对别人友好。

16.He is a good student. He_______hard. A work B works C does works 17.Sally _______ in an office in central London. A is work B ...

My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirty-seven. My mother is ...They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful....

should有时可以用于表示必要、适当、惊奇、遗憾等的从句中表示 应该,竟然会


great-greater-greatest hard-harder-hardest nice-nicer-nicest late-later-latest big-bigger-biggest hot-hotter-hottest happy-happier-happiest early-earlier-earliest little-less-least few-fewer-fewest

好人最后总是输给蠢人。 据维基百科全书: nice guys finish last的意思:its meaning is self-explanatory; its about how the hard-working, sympathetic people will lose out in the end to the jerks 来自网络

这句话是对的 1. 一般从句中的疑问句都要改为陈述句语序 2. you looked beatiful中look之所以加ed是时态的原因,说明对方在以前的一个什么场合看上去很漂亮,用现在时则表示说话人向当前时刻的对方表示赞美。 3.work hard 与hard work , 前者是...

My grandpa is a kind old man.He usually cooks nice dishes for us.My father is a farmer.He works hard every day in he field.My mother is a shop...


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